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Big Brother UK – Marketing on the Expense of Shilpa Shetty?

Posted by Janne Saarikko on January 18, 2007

British Channel4 has had a huge growth in viewer numbers for it’s Celebrity Big Brother show. This all was caused when an Indian Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty. Soon after she entered the house, some of the other inhabitans started calling her names and giving her really bad time. All this has caused public discussion on racism and there has even been demonstrations in India.

I’ve been thinking, whether all this is a marketing plot or not? It’s fairly easy to get another celeb to do something “shocking” in order to get better ratings.

And as we’ve seen the publicity created by this is huge. The story is all over the news, Shilpa Shetty is in the top ten topics of worldwide blog world. People talk about BB – and watch it, too.

If this is marketing, it’s beyond my ethics. If this is not marketing, the Big Brother producers should do something about the situation.

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