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New Research and a Thesis on Mobile Business

Posted by Janne Saarikko on January 30, 2007

Dr. Ville Saarikoski of Tieke, in his doctoral thesis, studied the differences between two markets with mobile content, Japan and Europe.

The thesis is now online (huge .pdf) and is very interesting reading.

I also had an opportunity to listen to Dr. Saarikoski in person earlier this month. He claims that SMS short messaging is hindering the development of mobile messaging and other mobile content.

 He also says that mobile operators are obliged to start offering fixed pricing schemes for the account, connection, data transfer and basic content. There will be different packages for various customer segments.

Also, most of the additional content will have a monthly fee. He estimates that in a very short time, for example music will be downloadable freely to your mobile device for 8-10EUR monthly fee.

Dr. Saarikoski represents the very advanced thinking and research Finland has, also on the content side of mobile internet.

4 Responses to “New Research and a Thesis on Mobile Business”

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  4. Wautsi! said

    Thanks for this tip! Sounds interesting. I might take a look, although it seems to be pretty huge, just like you mentioned. Oh boy, +250 pages..

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