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Interview with a winner of Fennia Prize 2007 Honorary Mention

Posted by Janne Saarikko on February 16, 2007

Shunjiro Eguchi is a Senior Designer with Nokia Design Group. He is the designer of Nokia N93 multimedia mobile phone and a winner of honorary mention in Fennia Prize 2007, an international design competition.

In this interview Shunjiro Eguchi explains the design principles of Nokia N93 and his view on the future of mobiles devices and mobility from a designer’s point of view.

This interview was made in Design Forum Finland in Helsinki during Fennia Prize 2007 award ceremonies.

A link to a page with the actual video interview.


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Do You Want to be a Rockstar?

Posted by Janne Saarikko on February 7, 2007

Hard rock hallelujah!

New innovation appearing from the land of heavy metal and broken guitar strings.

Virtual Air Guitar Company, a startup developing a console game based on a virtual guitar, announced that they have received funding for making a commercial prototype.

The project originates from a research project at HUT (Helsinki University of Technology)

Since 1996, Finland has hosted the The Annual Air Guitar World Championship, during the Oulu Music Video Festival.

More information on air guitar playing.

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Pekka Himanen, Man with Wisdom and Insight

Posted by Janne Saarikko on February 6, 2007

 I’ve been following the story of a Finnish philosopher Pekka Himanen (Picture:Pekka Himanen) for some time. His last appearance was at World Economic Forum in Davos, where he was involved in many of the key events.

Mr. Himanen has a very special background. He got his PhD at the age of 20 and has been working as a researcher in some of the world’s top universities.

If anyone’s thinking on how the working ethics are changing, he should read Himanen’s book The Hacker Ethics (Random House 2001). It’s been translated to some 20 languages, if English is not suitable.

Just keep your eyes open for this very special person from Finland.

Pekka Himanen’s website

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