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Facebook constitutional movement

Posted by Janne Saarikko on November 19, 2007

Virtual networks have become utterly important for a large number of world citizens. Being a member of a virtual community is vital for so many nowadays. Facebook is one of the most popular worlds of networking, formed by people who bring in their own networks and trust of their close ones.

Recently, there has been a growing number of people who have been terminated from Facebook without any sensible reason. According to a former Facebook heavy user (now terminated one), Facebook adminstration claims that they have their own algorithms for determing unduly behaviour. Unfortunately they are not able to reveal what triggers the red flags.

I believe it’s not good to live in a community where the rules are unknown and you are under constant fear of being “killed”.

Being terminated from your own community is comparable to being sent to exile and having your property confiscated. If such thing happens, there should be reasoning and procedures that justifies it.

I have just joined a Facebook group called “Constitutional Facebook“. It drives rights of Facebook users, trying to stop the arbitrary conduct by the Facebook adminstration.

It is interesting to see how this takes off. I believe it’s time to stop exploiting the users that are the social network.

One Response to “Facebook constitutional movement”

  1. Markus said

    I think the correct solution is a distributed social network; currently, if someone told us that one company would adminster all email we would laugh at their faces, right? (Ok, there’s half dozen that handle most of it, but still..)

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