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How to create a perfect product?

Posted by Janne Saarikko on February 25, 2009

I bumbed into an interesting presentation by Miikka Leinonen, who works for Maggie Agency in Finland.

I would be curious to play that game in real life…



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User request

Posted by Janne Saarikko on February 24, 2009

Just a quick note. I removed the snapshot option due to a request from a user.

Hope this makes the content more readable. 😉

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Twitbear launched – Twitter with comments thread!

Posted by Janne Saarikko on February 23, 2009

It’s here! Mark this date – February 23rd, 2009.

This is the day when a new Finnish service called Twitbear went to closed beta.


Twitbear is a project of three social media entrepreneurs – @anttiakonniemi @kaimaan, @heleneauramo – that’s what they are called in Twitter.

Twitbear looks and feels just like Twitter, but it allows users to do something that serious tweeters have been missing for a long time – comment on threads. This feature will bring on the active discussion known from services such as Jaiku, which unfortunately has been faded by Google.

The first hours of Twitbear has been booming. Really looking forward to see how fast this will fly.

Should interview them? Sure, why not. I’ll grab my vidset and find them.

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Finnair goes Corporate blogging

Posted by Janne Saarikko on February 17, 2009

The traditional Finnish airline Finnair announced that they are now officially doing corporate blogging.

The blogs are being written in English by some key executives. They categories cover enviroment, production and service.

Finnair is known to use blogs quite aggressively. Finnair CEO Jukka Hienonen made some special moves by blogging publicly and aggressively about the disagreement between the company and pilots’ union couple of weeks back.

Interesting to see how the downturn of economy is forcing the corporates down to the public. And that is good, since that’s the only way to survive.

Finnair blogs are located in http://blogs.finnair.com/

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Following the news from Mobile World Congress

Posted by Janne Saarikko on February 16, 2009

It officially started today. The most important mobile expo in the world.

If you are not present (I’m not), you still want to be one of the first to hear what’s going on. I’ve listed some online channels that are busy during this week. If you know any other good ones, let me know in the comments and I’ll add them to the list.

Twitter channels




Jaiku channels


Flickr (pictures)




Official Mobile World Congress 2009 website

Nokia event page

Mobile Monday Peer Awards

Peer Awards Page

Fring wins Mobile Monday Community Peer Award

Nokia N86 8MP videos

Greeen mobile announcements

HTC Magic (with hands-on video)

Nokia N97 (hands-on video included!) (via Intomobile)

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Google invests EUR40M in Finland

Posted by Janne Saarikko on February 12, 2009

It was announced this morning that Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG)  has purchased a major industrial property located in Hamina, Finland. The deal is worth 40 million euros.

Summa mill  was previously owned by Finnish StoraEnso, one of world’s leading paper and pulp manufacturers. The entire paper industry has been in dire straits for some years, and the Summa mill was closed down already in January 2008.

According to Google, they are planning to build a server farm in Summa. There is plenty of room for that, since the mill used to have three medium-sized paper machines. The location is beautiful, since the paper mill is located by the water.

What this will mean to Hamina region in SE Finland? Propably some more jobs and lot of international influence. There are lot of former paper industry workers in the region, maybe they can be trained to run server farms?

Hamina is an age old harbour town (the name Hamina stands for port). It’s located not too far away from Helsinki. Hamina is perhaps best known for it’s Hamina Tattoo, international military music festival.

Link to aerial view of Summa mill.

Googlemaps location of the paper mill.

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The coolest phone ever? The Lego Phone!

Posted by Janne Saarikko on February 11, 2009

The hottest mobile rumour for a while. Alcatel and Lego are bringing out a mobile phone that looks like a Lego block.

Yes, it’s true…the rumour is there, I mean.

If this is true, can you imagine every kid in the world wanting one? No, more like can you imagine every marketing/advertising/creative geek wanting one, especially if you can make your own look by changing the various plastic bits into your own…?

The story came via BGR, who has also pics on this great thingy.

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What’s in your eco-backpack?

Posted by Janne Saarikko on February 4, 2009

Yes, how to measure the size of your extended ecological backpack?

OneDidIt is a new Finnish startup service delivering ways to calculate and share the size of your total ecological spending. It covers area such as how you live, eat, consume, travel etc. and delivers you information on how you compare to international standards. They also have a nice widget to embed your own total to your website, if you dare… 😉

The company is headed by Asmo Halinen, founder and former CEO of Apaja, an online gaming company. It has financing from both governmental and private investors such as Esko Reinonpoika Alanko.

Now go to OneDidIt and check how you compare with me!

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Citizen movement against “Lex Nokia” privacy law

Posted by Janne Saarikko on February 2, 2009

Something quite special is going on in Finland. The government is about to sign a law that would allow various organisations to read the email contents from the users of their own networks. This includes companies, libraries, kindergardens and many others.

Many people think this new law is against privacy laws, and have started a citizen movement that resists the new law. This law is called “Lex Nokia”, since Nokia is a big supporter of the law, claiming that it allows them to prevent employees leaking out classified information and thus stop industrial espionnage.

There are many sources in Finnish for this information, in English one of the hottest resources is Helsingin Sanomat.

The citizen movement started to run their own ads on national TV this morning. The advertising space is paid by individuals and the production was made by volunteers.

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