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Following the news from Mobile World Congress

Posted by Janne Saarikko on February 16, 2009

It officially started today. The most important mobile expo in the world.

If you are not present (I’m not), you still want to be one of the first to hear what’s going on. I’ve listed some online channels that are busy during this week. If you know any other good ones, let me know in the comments and I’ll add them to the list.

Twitter channels




Jaiku channels


Flickr (pictures)




Official Mobile World Congress 2009 website

Nokia event page

Mobile Monday Peer Awards

Peer Awards Page

Fring wins Mobile Monday Community Peer Award

Nokia N86 8MP videos

Greeen mobile announcements

HTC Magic (with hands-on video)

Nokia N97 (hands-on video included!) (via Intomobile)

3 Responses to “Following the news from Mobile World Congress”

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