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Twitbear launched – Twitter with comments thread!

Posted by Janne Saarikko on February 23, 2009

It’s here! Mark this date – February 23rd, 2009.

This is the day when a new Finnish service called Twitbear went to closed beta.


Twitbear is a project of three social media entrepreneurs – @anttiakonniemi @kaimaan, @heleneauramo – that’s what they are called in Twitter.

Twitbear looks and feels just like Twitter, but it allows users to do something that serious tweeters have been missing for a long time – comment on threads. This feature will bring on the active discussion known from services such as Jaiku, which unfortunately has been faded by Google.

The first hours of Twitbear has been booming. Really looking forward to see how fast this will fly.

Should interview them? Sure, why not. I’ll grab my vidset and find them.


8 Responses to “Twitbear launched – Twitter with comments thread!”

  1. Gotta say right away that Jaiku is flooded with people sharing invites to Twitbear.

    I’ll activate mine in the morning, let’s see how flooded the whole service is then.

  2. […] tässä päivänä muutamana havaitsemaan Twitterissä buzzia tuoreesta asiasta nimeltä Twitbear. Jannekin kertoi siitä lyhyesti toissapäivänä. Kun koko homma on vielä suljetussa beta-vaiheessa, en alkuun […]

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