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Sweden Social Web Camp is going forward

Posted by Janne Saarikko on May 18, 2009

I wrote earlier about this great idea in Sweden. Arranging a camp outside of the city, packed with social media people.

It seems that the whole event is going forward. If you are interested in attending, please read more about the event SSWC or Webstock as some call it.

Should there be people going from Finland, please comment to this post. We could arrange transportation together to make it more fun.

13 Responses to “Sweden Social Web Camp is going forward”

  1. Carol Chen said

    I’m interested!

  2. Hanna Manninen said

    Yup, me too!

  3. Carol, Hanna,

    Good. Let’s collect more names here.

    There are two ways to get there from Finland. Either by taking the WIFI-bus or train from Stockholm or train from Copenhagen. I believe the CPH route is easier (train stops at CPH airport).

  4. mike said

    sounds like it could be fun, count me in.

  5. Surya said

    Me too!

  6. Hanna Manninen said

    Which ever is the easiest, though flights to Copenhagen are usually more expensive than to Stockholm and then there’s always the cruise option 🙂

  7. I am interested as well… will dig-up more on what they are discussing there..

  8. Delfin said

    This sounds great Janne! let’s keep in touch for updates…

  9. Sofia said

    A western neighbour joining the conversation:

    I would vote for CPH, as the ticket-price from Stockholm and further south may vary a lot all the way up until the day of the actual departure (either fairly cheap or horribly expensive, usually the latter. SJ’s marketing division has a logic of its own).

  10. Carol Chen said

    Registration is open, anyone registered? Are ya’ll thinking of camping or rooming? I have a tent and 2 sleeping bags so someone can join me. Or if you have your own sleeping bag and are petite (like Surya) we can probably squeeze you in the middle 😉

  11. surya said

    I have my own sleeping bag and dont mind being squeezed in the middle 🙂

  12. Delfin said

    I just checked the page and there are more than 80 persons already registered, only in Sweden… to register is with credit card and I don’t have one anymore (long story) aaaarrrrggghhhh…!

    I also have a tent for 4, (well 3+backpacks) mmmm… should look for it on my storage place.

    Has anybody checked flight prices / availability to CPH?

  13. mike said

    ok, all signed up, and payed my 600SEK.
    Seems all the rooms are gone(although there might be some cancellations, fingers crossed), so camping it is.

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