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Idea Nomads Met the Office Nomad

Posted by Janne Saarikko on September 23, 2009

Today was yet another great day.

Last week I was informed by @aku in Qaiku about onizou Idea Nomads visiting Helsinki. I wrote them a mail, and soon we had a meeting arranged.

The meeting took place at Netprofile office (yep, Office Nomad host this month) and was a bit special since there was no agenda for the meeting. It was not a problem though.

The discussion was lively, it was such exciting to hear about how onizou had studied both urban nomadism and true nomads during their journey. Gladly onizou had lot of interest in the officenomadism and open organization thinking. This was a discussion that brought me many new ideas for both officenomadism and also Ekana way of working.

After the meeting we continued to browse the city for some design, electronics and more coffee. Oh, and helped onizou to get connected with some more people.

I really enjoyed the meeting today and hope to start some new cool projects with onizou in the future.

To get an idea about the people behind the idea nomads, you can check out the video we recorded today.

Good luck with your journey, let’s keep in touch! 🙂

[qik url=”http://qik.com/video/2983908″ width=”425″ height=”319″]


3 Responses to “Idea Nomads Met the Office Nomad”

  1. It was great meeting Janne today. We’ve traveled through 10 countries as ‘idea nomads’, meeting lots of creative people and traditional nomads on the way – but he is for sure the first office nomad we’ve come across! Original thinking and great execution. Love to see where the project takes you. Yeah, let’s definitely keep in touch.

    /oni & zou

  2. Aku said

    Thanks for the video, Janne. Glad to have brought you guys together!

  3. […] Viime viikolla meillä oli mielenkiintoisia vieraita. Vanha opiskelukaveri Taiwanista pysähtyi meillä maailmanympärimatkallaan. Onnistuin Qaikun avulla saattamaan toimistonomadin Janne Saarikon  yhteen näiden muotoilijanomadien kanssa ja heillä oli mielenkiintoinen tapaaminen. (Videodokumentaatiota tapaamisesta  Jannen blogissa.) […]

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