Ekana Innovation

Passion for First

April 2009 – Codento

Presenting Codento, the first official Host company.


Codento Ltd. is a software architecture and project management company headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. Codento creates software products for their customers and minimizes the R&D risk in challenging software projects. Codento’s customers are software product companies, funded software startups and software-oriented device vendors who create new business based on value-adding software products or platforms.

When in need of results in predictable time, Codento delivers.


Codento is located conveniently in Ruoholahti district of Helsinki. Having a street address Itämerenkatu 5, you get to work between Ficora, the Finnish Communications Regularity Authority and Nokia R&D building.

See the location in Google Maps.

I have known the Codento people very well for some years already. I have worked together with some of them during my years at SSH Communications Security. I have a great respect for the professionalism of these people. I often call them “all gurus house”, because that’s what they are.

At Codento, I’m very happy to have my own room with a view. Only 10 meters to the espresso machine, so cafein intake is guaranteed.


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