Ekana Innovation

Passion for First

June 2009 – RunToShop

Presenting RunToShop, the official Host company for June.


Run is a place where consumers find the products their peers love and where buying is made easy by offering the most relevant and personal recommendations. Run brings tools for extending online shopping to communities where people already are deeply involved in. Users in Run will be rewarded for their efforts.

RunToShop  is located  in Salmisaari area of Helsinki. RunToShop has it’s offices in the brand new Technopolis Ruoholahti campus with dozens of young innovative companies.

See the location in Google Maps.

RunToShop has an open office space at the moment, and I’m having a desk of my own, being able to chat with the rest of the group.

RunToShop has their Finnish language service open at www.runtoshop.fi , Facebook and many other sites.


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