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Veen Art by Kaj Stenvall at Harrods

Posted by Janne Saarikko on August 4, 2009

I would like to share a press release by a Finnish company Veen Waters, who are doing some great challenger marketing in the category of bottled waters. Competing with the giants such as Evian, San Pellegrino, Coca-cola, Voss and others, Veen is outperforming in true quality of water, design, corporate citizenship, sustainability, creativity and being different.

They’ve done design awards, top fashion cooperation and exclusive channel deals. Now they get into art and charity.

Read on and check out a video interview with artish Kaj Stenvall.

Finland’s best known contemporary artist Kaj Stenvall is now the new VEEN Art – artist. Stenvall’s quirkily named “VEEN Art – Better than a cookie!” painting on VEEN bottles world premiers at Harrods in Knightsbridge, London. The painting is a contribution to the VEEN Art charity collection and is made available for consumers on the numbered special edition VEEN bottles at Harrods and in poster form at the VEEN and Stenvall websites.

All funds to charity

The charity VEEN bottles are sold exclusively at Harrods and all funds raised will be donated for London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in the autumn of 2009. “This is a great opportunity for us to bring joy to so many children, doing what we do best,” says Kaj Stenvall.

What is VEEN Art?

VEEN Art is a concept featuring famous artists and designers bringing VEEN Water into their creations. The artist has full artistic integrity to complete the work. “We want to raise talk with artists to create awareness and money for good causes,” says Tomi Grönfors, MD of VEEN Waters Finland Oy.

”Better than a cookie!” by Kaj Stenvall

The painting features a duck familiar from Stenvall’s earlier works. Water is playing the leading role and is featured in three forms: in a glass, in the sea and in tears. The tears are there out of pure joy and enjoyment of sipping VEEN. It is hard to say whether the duck is laughing or crying for the water being so smooth. 

Kaj Stenvall first came to attention of the Finnish art scene about ten years ago when he began to paint a very familiar-looking duck in a variety of settings. Stenvall asserts that this character has been developed by himself, even while acknowledging its similarity to the most famous duck in the world. The scenes in his pictures are from the world at large and his duck often appears in absurd, if recognizably generic, settings. There really is nothing in his paintings that one can put their finger on to connect them to any particular corner of the world, especially not to Finland, except perhaps a specific intensity of angst and foreboding.


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Finnish design bottled water lands to Harrods

Posted by Janne Saarikko on June 15, 2009

VEEN Long John 033Today’s great news is that Veenwaters, a Finnish design bottled water brand, will be sold exclusively in England at Harrods Knightsbridge. Veenwaters’  new 0,33l new bottle VEEN Long John 33 will be the only water sold at all of Harrods restaurants and Harrods Food Halls.

This is really a remarkable news for a small Finnish company that launched their first design water just under two years ago. Veenwaters’ first bottle, designed by Antti Eklund,  have won numerous awards icluding “The Good Design” award.

I had a chat with their CEO Tomi Grönfors last week, and there are so many good things coming from there.

Attaching the whole press release here, read yourself.

Harrods has chosen VEEN as its house water brand. A brand new, smaller 0,33L edition will recieve its global launch at the world famous department store later this month. The award winning
spring water will be available in the store’s restaurants in the designer 0.33l and 0,66L bottles, as well as continuing to retail exclusively in the Food Halls.

Exceptional taste and quality
VEEN comes from a free flowing spring in the natural wilderness of Finnish Lapland, one of the least populated areas of Europe, resulting in exceptionally low nitrate levels. The low minerality
in the Lappish soil creates a unique, smooth taste. “VEEN’s smooth taste pairs well with excellent food and wine, we are delighted that diners at Harrods restaurants will now be able to appreciate the match.” Says Tomi Grönfors the MD of VEEN Waters Finland Ltd.
VEEN LongJohn
The crystal clear Extra Flint Glass was the natural choice for VEEN bottles to protect the taste and quality of the water as well as to ensure recyclability for sustainable product development. The clear Scandinavian design form of the new LongJohns bottle is a brand signature, with the ”LongJohn” embossing bringing a contemporary twist. The name comes from the design’s continuous wallpaper pattern that resembles the classic underwear design used in Finland.
The bottle is created and manufactured in close co-operation with Owens-Illinois.

VEEN Waters Finland Oy
VEEN Waters Finland Lts. is a privately owned company located in the town of Ylitornio in Finnish Lapland. The company was established 2006 December. VEEN is sold worldwide in selected outlets. VEEN Waters Finland Ltd, is a marketing, development and production company that is challenging the big multi-nationals with entrepreneurial spirit and Finnish flair.

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